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Dedicated Appraisal
Management Company

Core Valuation is a full service, nationwide appraisal management firm (AMC). We utilize our extensive network of appraisers to deliver reports to banks, brokerages and mortgage firms quickly and efficiently.


Core Valuation’s review tools process and analyzes appraisals for compliance, completeness and consistency versus appraisal industry guidelines and your customized appraisal review rule set.

Review Products

Core Valuation has a full complement of review products to meet your needs. Our team of Staff Appraisers, located in major MSAs throughout the nation, provide our clients with an extra level of risk assurance.


Core Valuation offers all industry standard BPOs. We approach every valuation with your needs in mind, and can configure BPO reports to fit your business strategy.

Field Appraisals

Core Valuation delivers all residential appraisal products for a variety of needs, including conventional financing, FHA financing and loan servicing.