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Order Flow & Appraisal Process


  • Custom matching by an experienced professional ensures the most competent appraiser based on proximity, experience and expertise
  • Automated alerts inform our clients when appraisals are assigned, scheduled, completed and delivered


  • Assigned appraiser has 24 hours from order entry to schedule the inspection
  • Appointment notification and estimated delivery date are sent to client


  • Appraiser has 48 hours from date of the inspection to deliver report to Core Valuation Quality Control Department

Report Delivery

  • Report is received and reviewed internally by licensed appraiser
  • Automated reviews completed on every appraisal order before manual appraiser review. Over 1,600 data points screened for missing, incomplete or inconsistent information
  • Increased accuracy and fewer errors than manual reviews alone
  • More than 50 automated review standards including appraiser proximity to subject property
  • Underwriter checklist created based on client requirements and is easy to view with a complete breakdown of the report
  • SSRs can be delivered with the report based on client preference

Field Appraisals

Core Valuation delivers all residential appraisal products for a variety of needs, including conventional financing, FHA financing and loan servicing. We are integrated with all major delivery systems, and can deliver to UCDP standards. Field appraisal products include:

Uniform Residential Appraisal Report

FHLMC 70/FNMA 1004

Individual Condominium Unit Appraisal Report

FHLMC 465/FNMA 1073

Small Residential Income Property Appraisal Report

FHLMC 72/FNMA 1025

Exterior-Only Inspection Residential Appraisal Report

FHLMC 2055/FNMA 2055

Appraisal Update / Completion Report

FHLMC 442 MARCH 2005/FNMA 1004D MARCH 2005

One-Unit Residential Appraisal Field Review Report

FHLMC 1032/FNMA 2000

Two-To Four-Unit Residential Appraisal Field Review Report

FHLMC 1072/FNMA 2000A

Single Family Comparable Rent Schedule

FHLMC 1000/FNMA 1007

Operating Income Statement

FHLMC 998/FNMA 216

BPOs, Evaluations & Inspections

Whether it’s a BPO, evaluation or inspection, Core Valuation has an extensive National Network of Brokers and Agents to meet your needs.

Broker Price Opinions

Core Valuation offers all industry standard BPOs. We approach every valuation with your needs in mind – and can configure BPO reports to fit your business strategy. All submitted reports are carefully reviewed against a set of comparable sales data that includes sale dates, location, style, age, condition, dwelling and lot size. When merited, reports also include addendums detailing exceptions and how they may affect valuation and risk.


The CVM Evaluation provides a market value and meets the requirements as published in the Interagency Appraisal Guidelines. The product is most widely used in default servicing, portfolio review and pre-foreclosure analysis.

Inspection Services

Reports offered include: Property Inspection – Visual inspection of property, reporting on condition, wear, build and other features. Damage Assessment Report – Visual inspection of property with special emphasis on damage to property after unforeseen events like hurricanes, storms, forest fires, etc.

Review Products

Core Valuation has a full complement of review products to meet your needs. Our team of Staff Appraisers, located in major MSAs throughout the nation, provide our clients with an extra level of risk assurance and issue mitigation.

Appraisal Risk Review

Appraisal Risk Review (ARR) was developed to meet the collateral due diligence needs of Capital Markets. It is an enhanced desk review for unseasoned loans less than 12 months.

Desktop Review

Desktop review of prior appraisal and valuation reports verifying quality and accuracy of report information, confirming that the appraiser followed all USPAP guidelines and appraisal requirements.

Valuation Reconciliation

Desk review and reconciliation of multiple prior valuations completed on the same property. The report includes research and verification of the data used within each report, and assessment of each report’s data selection and value conclusion; leading to a confirmation of the most probable fair market value.

Tie-outs and Investor-based Services

A tie-out valuation reconciliation is only as trustworthy as the due diligence and quality control that go into it. Core Valuation employs a combination of online research and auditing tools, carefully customized and applied to our own accuracy standards, to determine and validate an appropriate valuation. Our experts are available on-site or over the phone to effectively represent your position on individual or batch value reconciliation orders

Retrospective Valuations and Review Analysis

Core Valuation retrospective appraisals are completed by local license/certified appraisers. Each deliverable contains documented research and verification data.



At Core Valuation we specialize in customizing risk mitigation according to each client’s individual business rules and tolerance levels. Through a full complement of national market data, valuation modeling, market analytics, indexes and forecasts we can build tailored solutions to support financially sound credit risk and portfolio due diligence strategies. Core Valuation works with a number of AVM providers.